Five Rider Stretches That Every Equestrian Should Do
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Sitting at our desks all day doesn’t make for flexible horse riders. Whether you are undertaking schooling exercises at home or at a competition, here are five rider stretches that our Equestrian Marketing Team love. Try these stretches before your ride! 


What you’ll need:

Some discipline

5-10 minutes

Exercise mat

An elastic exercise band.


Giving You The Cold Shoulder

Are you hunched over a computer all day? Then your shoulders could do with a stretch! One of our favourite shoulder exercises is to start by rolling your shoulders forward and back, then take an elastic exercise band in both hands behind your head, hold your arms outstretched behind you, and gently stretch the tension in the band to release all those tight muscles. 


Feel that release!! Relax and repeat. 

rider stretches

Hip Hip Hurray!

Tight hips? No problem! There are quite a few exercises you can choose from to loosen up your hips and free up those tight glutes!


The standing lunge stretch is an excellent exercise for your tight hip flexors, groin, and inner thighs. Stand up straight with your arms down at your sides. Place your hands on your hips or your forward knee, then take a step forward with your right foot, so you are standing in a split stance position. 


Lower your rightknee at a 90-degree angle, with your left leg extended straight back behind you. Hold the stretch for at least 20 seconds.


Release and repeat on the other side. To mix it up, lunge from side to side to release those tight inner thigh muscles.

Squat Squad

Warm-up your glutes with some slow deep squats. Make sure you keep your head up and your torso straight and keep your core engaged as you squat. You need to think about sending your hips down and back. Don’t attempt to go too low at first – less and small is more to start with.

A Rider Stretch We Can All Do!

This a great flexibility exercise that we can all work on – no matter what! Touching your toes is a great rider stretch. This stretch will work your hamstrings, lower back and calves. Attempt this exercise after you undertaken some light exercise, maybe after you have walked your horse down from the field. 

Once your body is warmed up, stand in a with your feet hip-width apart. Move your hips slightly back and slide your arms down your thighs and shins, toward your feet. Keeping your back straight, lower to the point of mild discomfort. Hold the position for at least 30 seconds, relax and repeat.

Lower Back Love

One of our favourite stretches is sitting on your mat, legs flat on the mat. Take your left leg over your right leg. Place your right arm over the raised leg and turn to look over your left shoulder. Hold for a few seconds, then release and repeat on the other side and repeat both sides.

*Before undertaking any form of exercise, always seek advice from a qualified professional.

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