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When you’ve been planning your client’s Christmas campaigns since May, you can become a little jaded before consumer Christmas ‘officially’ starts, especially when working on Luxury PR campaigns!


But what if you haven’t even thought about your Christmas activity yet as a brand?




Take a deep breath and read on as the MirrorMePR Luxury PR Team share their top 5 tips for grabbing some festive focus from the consumer:


  1.    Did you know that Black Friday (shopping) is set once again to be the busiest shopping day of the year? Are you taking advantage of this event? Even if you don’t want to massively discount your entire store or collection, tapping into this shopping weekend could prove highly lucrative for you in the lead up to Christmas.


  1.    As we start to hurtle towards Christmas, everyone begins advertising, and that means that your social spend won’t stretch as far. Keep some additional spend in the pot if you want to reach your ideal consumers. Remember Facebook only has so many advertising slots available so you’ll be paying premium rates to reach your target audience.  Having consistent visibility on your social platforms throughout the year will especially ahead of Christmas, ‘remind’ every one of your brand and products, helping to ensure you are already in front of mind when they decide to get spending.


  1.    Think about what added value you can give to your customers. Gift wrapping is a great  (relatively low cost) add-on for busy consumers. One less job for them to do! Beautiful gift wrapping might cost you a little extra, but if it could mean more sales, then the value is certainly worth offering. It is a great way to add Luxury PR to your product!


  1.    Are you a brick and mortar business? Holding a Christmas shopping evening with bubbly or mulled wine (we’re not fussy) is a great way to attract local customers to your store. Don’t forget to promote exclusive offers/discounts.  Advertise your event in the local media and across your social channels. Create a Facebook event and don’t forget your newsletter subscribers: invite them along or if they can’t attend – how about giving them the same exclusive discount to enjoy your shopping event online.


  1.    If you haven’t planned Christmas yet for this year, then buy yourself a wall planner. Getting organised for next year is critical. Make a note to start focusing on Christmas no later than July.  You thought July was for summer vacations and sunbathing? No, in the world of long lead publishing, we are already busy writing Christmas releases and focusing on creating Christmas Social Campaigns for our clients. So, put the cocktail down and think about what you need to be doing now to plan a successful countdown to Christmas. Or, if you want to enjoy your holiday/summer/life then appoint PR & marketing professionals like us, who can take away the pain and leave you to enjoy that Mojito.  Cheers!

MirrorMePR – spreading festive cheer to your Luxury PR & marketing all year round.


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