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Over the past couple of years we’ve seen a real shift within the equestrian clothing sector – moving away from the un-shapely garments styled in itchy and uncomfortable fabrics towards new generation fabrics and flattering cuts.

Spooks Robin Hood Navy available through Dressage DeluxeEquestrian clothing used to be mostly about waxed coats, which stank when they got wet and weighed a tonne and shapeless fleeces and not really a huge amount else!

These days with European equestrian brands creating wearable collections, which not only perform as sportswear should (breathable/waterproof/freedom of movement etc) its great to see British brands taking note and stepping up their game.

We are starting to see more and more collections which would take you from the yard into town without fear of those strange looks from fellow shoppers at your horsy getup at the fruit and veg section in Sainsburys (Or is that just me then?)

Having worked as a stylist for many years, it always amazed me that brands would incorporate such unflattering design details such as bold horizontal stripes on boxy polo shirts and jackets without even a hint of a waist. Bearing in mind that in the UK, your average woman is now a curvy size 16 and most women possess boobs and bums I was always fascinated that many equestrian brands were still churning out clothes like these season after season.

I love the exciting new brands that are coming into the UK and one of my favourites has to be Spooks, which are sold through one of our clients: online retailer Dressage Deluxe.
Fresh and directional without losing sight that women … well, still want to look like women, the brand has some super design details which really does set it apart, which is probably why it has proved so popular over here.

I really think there is fertile ground for new and exciting equestrian brands and now hopefully with talk of the recession receding, lets hope we equestrian fashionistas get even more choice come next spring!