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Do you want to have equestrian PR gurus weeping on their knees in despair? Then all you need to do is say one of these 5 classic statements and you will accomplish your goal in no time…


1. “We are getting loads of coverage, but sales don’t seem to be increasing – what can you do about this?”

We do equestrian PR for your brand; we do not do direct sales, nor do we claim to… That is the arena of your marketing and sales departments.


2. “I’ve had a really bad equestrian PR experience in the past – can you do me a deal on your fee?”

Errrr noooo! We’re sorry that you’ve had a bad experience in the past, but that doesn’t reflect on us. We are consummate professionals with extensive experience and contacts, for which we charge an appropriate fee.


3. “Yes, I know we’ve had lots of press, it’s because our product is brilliant”

While we don’t doubt that your product is fantastic, if the press didn’t know about it at all, it wouldn’t be being touted as brilliant. And the only way to get press? The connections of an equestrian PR professional. You’re welcome…


4. “I don’t believe that we need to have an advertising budget”

Otherwise known as: ‘How to make your PR and your brand popular with the magazines so they’ll feature you for free’


5. “Yes, nice full DPS, but there’s a typo in paragraph 2”

See number 1 of this list – simply replace “not direct sales” with “not sub editor”!