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Our equestrian fashion PR-inspired Christmas wishlist, featuring the following 8 items on a background of Christmas lights: A blingy black saddle, blue quilted jacket, silver quilted jacket, white equestrian shirt, Golly Galoshes, tweed jacket, Verdo Horse Bedding, and bling horse bandages

Representing so many great equestrian brands and companies has its down side – mainly, the fact that you end up really wanting everything they sell come Christmas time!

When I’m writing press releases, I’m not only selling products to the press, but I think actually subliminally selling them to myself as well! Despite not owning my own horse anymore, already having an extensive riding wardrobe, and not riding quite enough to justify buying more stuff, here is my Christmas wish list for this year…

  1. The Childéric Saddle with White stitch detail and a touch of bling is so beautiful, I think it would be too nice to stash in the tack room, so I would have to keep it on show at home (taking inspiration from our MMPR ‘Equestrian Inspired Interiors’ Pinterest board!) – after all, anything with Swarovski crystals deserves to be properly appreciated, doesn’t it?!!
  2. The Silver Crown Double Bridle from Shadow Horse would also certainly be on my Christmas list, for its stunning good looks and quality craftsmanship.
  3. My must-have for a yard winter coat or keeping warm while walking the dog is this gorgeous Equetech Kingsley Coat, while for both riding and living the city lifestyle, this gorgeous metallic silver Pikeur Barriga Coat from Dressage Deluxe would be a dream! Both lean towards fashion with their flattering cut and attention to detail.
  4. I would love more Freddie Parker shirts, because they wash beautifully and iron easily and would go beautifully with the new Hermès Limited Edition World Horse Welfare Scarf, which does its bit for charity but also for fashion!
  5. I have been lusting after the Timothy Foxx Catherine Jacket for ages, and Christmas seems the ideal time to finally obtain this stunningly classic jacket with beautiful details. Plus, I have a pair of leather boots that would perfectly pull through those gorgeous tan hues!
  6. From a practical side, of course I would need some Golly Galoshes to protect my Eskadron satin finish bling bandages; Verdo Horse Bedding would be essential to keep my potential dressage star clean and dry; Aloeride for both myself and the horse to keep us both in tip-top condition; and a few sessions with our life coaches First Focus Consultants to ensure that we start the New Year with a ‘wow’!

And just so you know, all products pictured can be purchased using the in-text links. Happy Christmas shopping from all of us at MirrorMePR!