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At MirrorMePR, we are fortunate enough to have some beautiful countryside right on the doorstep of our luxury PR offices. So, what tips can we offer for enjoying the countryside? In this blog, the MirrorMePR Country PR Team look at how you can venture out into the fields, hills, and forests this summer and have a fantastic time in harmony with your surroundings.


Dress For The Weather

There is a saying that “there is no such thing as bad weather, just dressing badly for the weather”! This is even more relevant when it comes to your outfit choice for the countryside. If the weather forecast is going to be super warm and sunny, then take a sunhat, midge/fly spray and sun protection cream. If it’s forecast to rain, then a lightweight pack-a-mac is worth its weight in gold! Comfortable footwear is also a must and if you are planning on walking miles, make sure that your boots or shoes don’t rub and take some plasters (just in case!).

Taking Your Lead – Dogs In The Countryside

The luxury PR team here love taking their dogs out into the great outdoors. However, they are also careful to ensure that they have a good recall on their dogs and if they are venturing into fields with cattle or sheep, they put them back on leads to be on the safe side. According to the National Sheep Association, if a dog worries sheep on agricultural land, the person in charge of the dog is guilty of an offence. The Act considers sheep worrying to include attacking sheep, chasing them in a way that may cause injury/suffering, or being at large (not on a lead or otherwise under close control) in a field/enclosure in which there are sheep. You also need to be wary of excitable small dogs that could end up chasing rabbits down the warren holes (and we do know of two different incidents where this has happened – both dogs were eventually retrieved but not before much worrying and waiting was done!)

On another note, look out for warning notices on field stiles and gate entrances. Cattle, for example, can feel threatened by the presence of dogs and attack. Keep your dog on a lead and keep it away from the herd.

Our Equine Friends

Even if you aren’t visiting the countryside with a canine friend, be mindful of other countryside users you might encounter, including horse riders. While as a pedestrian you don’t have to give way to a horse on a bridle path, it makes sense to stop and allow them to pass. Give them a wide berth and don’t shout or make any sudden noises that might spook them. If you encounter a horse rider in front of you, don’t approach them quietly from behind. Let the rider know of your presence so that you may pass when safe to do so. Our equine friends are flight animals, so be cautious!

Get Lost!

It’s easy to get lost in the countryside, so stick to footpaths and make sure you have got plenty of food and water. Check the weather forecast before you set off. Taking a mobile phone out with you (fully charged) is a good idea, but often phone reception in the sticks can be weak or non-existent! Taking a map with you and familiarising yourself with your route before you set off is always a good idea, even if you only plan to walk a short route in unknown territory. Even if you are not alone, make sure you let someone know your plans and when you expect to be back. We might not have jungles or deserts in mainland UK but we still have rural hazards, so it’s best to be safe.

Litter Bug

Don’t be a litterbug! Don’t drop your litter and pollute our beautiful countryside. Pick up your rubbish and dispose of it in the bin or take it home with you. Leaving litter is not only anti-social, but it also affects the wildlife that lives there. Would you dump a load of rubbish outside your own front door? No? Then don’t do it on someone else’s front garden!

Here at luxury PR firm MirrorMePR, we believe everyone should enjoy the great outdoors and respect the countryside so we can all enjoy it for years to come.

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