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A picture of a winter horse in a paddock on a snowy Christmas day

If going down the yard and sorting out your horse on Christmas Day is well… met with perhaps less enthusiasm from your nearest and dearest, then here are some tips for keeping everyone happy on the big day!

  1. Organise a rota with other people at your yard so you all work together to make light work of mucking out/turning out etc. Can you work together as a team to get all the chores done and dusted in short order? Planning ahead will help you organise something and maybe pin it up in the tack room so everyone knows who has agreed what!
  2. Make sure that everyone’s numbers are easily available, including emergency numbers (just in case).
  3. Christmas wouldn’t be Christmas without spoiling your horse, but be careful you don’t overload him with sweet treats. The last thing you want on Christmas Day is tummy troubles!
  4. Organising haynets, feeds etc the night before will mean less time messing around and more time getting the horses mucked out, turned out or ridden, so you can enjoy your Christmas too!
  5. Don’t forget to bring some mince pies and milk to the yard, for a well deserved cuppa and yummy treat, so that you can all enjoy your festive mucking out (well, make it more bearable anyway!) Oh and don’t forget to turn the radio up full blast… Christmas Day mucking out wouldn’t be the same without some cheesy Christmas tunes!