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A cluster of horse shoes are laid on a wooden bench


Adding subtle equestrian touches to your home doesn’t have to be limited to purchasing a galloping horse duvet and pillow set or leaving your tack strewn across the house after your return from the stables – although, as we have discovered, there are some pretty neat ideas for styling your home using a few real equestrian ‘bits’ and pieces!

How about using a snaffle bit for a tea towel holder in the kitchen? It’s a really nice equine interiors touch that is simple to create and clean! Using them as curtain tie-backs is another simple idea that looks really great. We also like the idea of using your rosettes and sashes to make cushion covers: A gorgeous way to display them, rather than leaving them sitting in the bottom of a drawer or gathering dust just hanging on a spare wall!

We think recycling your horse’s old shoes using the farrier’s nails as hooks offers a great alternative to a key holder (and also lets you keep them as keepsake!). And hanging them with ribbon on the wall adds a nostalgic element to your décor, preserving the memory of great days and horses past.

Your stirrups aren’t just for riding either; we’ve seen a really smart door knocker made from just a stirrup iron and a strap and buckle (perfect for an equestrian home or yard). They can also be used as curtain pole ends, although we are not so sure how good our welding skills are!

Our all time favourite idea though? A pair of used leather riding boots with some good old-fashioned wooden blocks inside! Sit them in your bathroom or loo as your toilet roll holder. It’s a unique touch and something that would always make visitors smile!

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