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As is standard for England, our weather is currently a mixture of high temperatures and rain showers! Regardless of the weather forecast though, looking good in the saddle can still be easy. The MirrorMePR Equestrian Marketing & PR Team drawn together our top 5 tips for equestrians who want to look stylish in spite of heat and/or changeable conditions!

  1. If you can afford to invest in one of the new style Samshield helmets – then do! They are amazing at keeping your head cool and helping to combat dreaded hat hair, thanks to their clever ventilation system that works like an on the move air-con!


  • Choose clothes which incorporate technical fabrics; these materials help wick sweat away from the body, and are breathable too, which will help you to look less sweaty and stay cool in the heat!


  • Choose summer weight cotton socks or even pop socks (if your boots are not going to rub your feet!) and bring a pair of short boots to the yard so that you can change out of your long boots as soon as you get off your horse.


  • Avoid “rider’s tan” with a pair of clever Roeckl Gloves. The special material they are made from allows you tan through them, while still providing UV protection – genius!


  • Pinning your hair over your natural parting rather than just plonking a hat on will ensure that your crown of hair still has some lift when you take it off again, instead of being flat and stuck to your head!

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