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With the summer still holding on and the temperatures increasing and decreasing dramatically, our Equine PR team at MirrorMePR want to share some top tips for looking and feeling cool in the saddle. After all, you want to look and feel your best.

  • Try and choose technical fabrics, which will perform as hard as you do. Breathable fabrics, helmets with air-vents which add ‘air flow’ and quick drying, wicking properties should be a priority for your riding wardrobe!
  • Unfortunately, we have yet to see leather riding boots with the same technical properties, however, some socks do! So again, choose technical socks to keep feet comfortable. Keep a pair of fresh socks and short boots to change into after riding (we’re sure you’ll thank us later for this great tip!)
  • Adapt your warm-up to suit the temperature. If it’s a really hot day, you won’t need to warm up as long, but if your horse does need working in for longer, then try and ride early morning when it is cooler, so that you can put in some proper work in and take the edge off. Make sure you and your horse also drink plenty of water too to stay hydrated.
  • Wet wipes in the lorry or grooming kit are perfect for a quick freshen up. Always keep a high factor sun cream or sunblock to hand to reapply throughout the day. The same goes for your horse’s muzzle. For show riders, oil might look lovely on your horse’s face but can also cause sunburn so make sure you choose your product carefully.
  • Tie long hair up into a neat bun and if your hair is normally a centre parting, then create a side parting before you put on your helmet. That way, when you remove you hat and reinstate your normal parting, you should still have a bit of bounce!