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The lead up to Christmas is always a busy time in the world of PR, not because of the glitzy and glam party scene, sadly not, but because there’s 2014 planning meetings to be had with clients, advertising to be booked, features to be written and approved and all the magazines bring forward their deadlines a few weeks early to ensure that us PR lot are kept extra busy.

The problem also with working with brands and deadlines, is that they are also very busy at this time of year, doing what they need to do, which is selling, so you end up treading a very fine line between trying to be diligent and organised, without the clients feeling undertones of harassment! (Although the hint of hysteria in our voices at a 5.30pm on a Friday deadline and a 300 word piece to write may sometimes give us away)

So once December is out the way, we can eagerly look towards Easter issues and we start to think of some egg-cellent marketing ideas… no yoke.

Photo by Hotblack