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An image of multicoloured "happy birthday" candles on top of a birthday cake. A great birthday cake - maybe not ideal for your horse's birthday though!


A while ago, the MirrorMePR equestrian and country lifestyle PR team heard about a rescue horse celebrating his 49th birthday (very impressive, we must say!), and this got us thinking about just how we could properly celebrate our own horses’ birthdays – be they four or forty years of age!

Obviously, treats would be an essential part of the horse’s birthday celebration (since these are a cornerstone of any birthday!), but rather than just a standard handful of treats, why not a full cake?!

Let’s face it, no birthday really feels complete without a cake, and a horse’s birthday should be no different! So how about this recipe for the perfect horse birthday cake? Despite the fact that we are not famed for our cooking, this recipe seems pretty straightforward, so we reckon we’d be able to pull it off…

Obviously your horse will need some friends to help them eat such a fantastic cake (and to show off to, of course!), so why not make it into a real party with some fun equine games? We love the idea of horse party games such as playing around in the field with this giant ball from Amazon. Your horse can not only have a bit of kick about with a few of their friends on their big day, but also burn off some of that cake!

Finally, as any birthday boy or girl would probably admit under questioning, you secretly always want to be the belle of the ball at your own party, so what better way to “stand out from the crowd” than with a bit of glitter, hair and make-up?!

If you check out Glamourati UK, they have some amazing glitter tattoo kits available for horses. We absolutely love these kits, and as well as the hoof glitter (yes, hoof glitter!), and they even do mane and tail extensions! With all that bling, glitter, and flowing locks, there might even be a chance that your horse could get a small part in the next series of TOWIE as well (we could only dream). What more could your equine friend ask for on his or her special day?!