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A golden dog runs after a tennis ball, just like they might at a dog party

When it comes to arranging the perfect party, here at MMPR we know how to create an event to remember. However when it comes to our furry four-legged friends, what would make the perfect celebration for them? Well, here are our top 5 party plans for your pooch.

Pool ‘Paw’ty

In the US, ‘Pool Pawties’ are all the rage. Here in Britain you might have to wait for warmer weather but it’s the perfect opportunity to invite all their friends over and have fun and games galore in the pool. The smell of wet dog won’t even be an issue. (For the day anyway!)

Spa Day

Do you like to gather together a few friends for a relaxing spa day? It sounds like heaven to us and if your dog loves being pampered, they can now receive the same treatment. Treat them to a day of being groomed to perfection, with a soothing massage thrown in and perhaps even a dosing of glitter. Perfect if the plan is to hit the town later for evening walkies.

Adventure Bark

If your dog is longing for adventure, take them to adventure park specifically for dogs. They exist now! Dog agility style jumps, ramps and tunnels offer the perfect opportunity for your dog to burn off their birthday brunch with a few of their pals.

Party Pups

Need some finishing touches for your dog’s special day? We love these doggie matching plates, cups and decorations. They even have dog themed confetti so your dog will feel extra special and leave for home with a ‘Doggie’ bag in every sense of the word!

Food for Thought

No well-behaved birthday boy or girl should be without cake on their special day. Believe it or not there are plenty of bakeries out there keen to ensure that your dog has the perfect cake! From personalised messages set on beautifully presented cakes through to ‘Party Packs’ for all to enjoy. Catering for canines is easy!

Check out our Canines With Class Pinterest board for more great ideas on pampering your pooch!