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We’ve seen a few articles along the lines of “if your pet could text you…”, which got us all thinking: if your dog could text you, what would he have to say or tell you? The Dog PR Team here at MirrorMePR came up with a few ideas of our own, and here are a selection of our favourites…


Fido: It wasn’t me.

(Worried) Owner: What wasn’t you?

Fido: It just wasn’t me, OK?




Owner: Do you fancy a walk in the woods?

Fido: Do you fancy dirt and mud engrained in the carpet/the sofa and the smell of wet dog all over the house for days? Because I’m game if you are!




Fido: Hey, I’m hungry, what time is dinner?

Fido: Urgh, no, I meant yours – I don’t want that stuff you try and feed me all the time, it smells like cat food!




Owner: I’m going out later, will you be OK home alone?

Fido: Yep, no problem. As long as you are away for no more than an hour maximum. Otherwise you will risk noise pollution, front door and soft furnishing destruction, and finding the cat in the bin.




Fido: OMG the worst thing EVER has happened.

Owner: What?

Fido: I woke up and someone has eaten that cake on the kitchen table.

Fido: I blame the cat.




Fido: Were you expecting anything important in the post?

Owner: Yes, why?

Fido: Whoops…

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