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Image of a selection of saddles in various shades of black and brown lined up on a post


Sports brands company The Sports HQ has bought the Barnsby brand.

 The deal, orchestrated by intellectual property (IP) specialist Metis Partners, includes the Jabez Cliff name too.

 The 221-year-old, Walsall-based saddle maker collapsed into administration this summer. 

Assets in the Jabez Cliff sale include a range of registered and unregistered trademarks, rights in the company’s designs, organisational knowledge, domain names and the e-commerce website content.

 The Sports HQ trades via its e-commerce website at, and is part of Worcestershire based S247 plc, which also has operations in the USA, Australia and Hong Kong. It currently owns brands such as Woodworm, Forgan, Prosimmon, Young Gun, Confidence and Ciro Citterio.

Simon Millington, chief executive of S247, said: “We’re passionate about developing the finest products and we’re constantly looking to purchase great sporting brands. Barnsby and Jabez Cliff are names with a great resonance among the sporting public and we are thrilled to have been able to add them to our extensive portfolio.”

Nat Baldwin, of Metis Partners, who organised the global marketing drive leading to the sale, said: “We are delighted to have been able to produce such a successful result for the Jabez Cliff name and the Barnsby brand.

 The company has strong links with the British military and royalty and even made footballs which were used in four FA Cup Finals and the 1928 Olympic Games.

 The buyer has an excellent reputation for recognising the value in such brands and keeping them at the forefront of public attention.”

Photo (cropped somewhat) by jimmedia via Photopin CC