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Busy horse owners have busy lives, and sometimes it can feel like a real juggling act trying to find time between family and work to give your horse some quality time with you. The equine PR team at MirrorMePR know that struggle all too well, so have come up with some great suggestions that you could easily fit into your routine…


Yes, we know he needs mucking out, turning out and riding but maybe swap a riding session for a quick lunge and spend that extra bit of time hand grazing him or giving him a through groom or massage. Building a relationship with him on the ground is just as important as in the saddle, if not more so.



So he’s not a big fan of flat work but loves a jump. Why not include a fence or two in your dressage training? Incorporating pole work can also be something to get his attention and help improve his paces. The team here always incorporate something their horses enjoy in their training sessions, whether that’s some extended trot or pole work, they always try and do something that ends the session on a note which their horse likes. If your horse doesn’t like the arena, take your schooling out on a hack. You can still incorporate lateral work, and for a stuffy horse, the great outdoors is a fabulous place to work on getting your horse to be more forward thinking and find that extra gear in the canter!



Life can often mean that we arrive at the yard (in a rush) and perhaps not in the best mindset for riding, then we run around, grab our tack, quickly brush your horse off and jump on. The likelihood is that your horse will be picking up those stressy vibes, so stick a note in your tack box to remind you to ‘Forget for 45’ so that for 45 minutes of riding time you are solely concentrating on you and your horse – nothing else. Sounds simple but for those of you in a rush it can be a matter of watch watching throughout the session and rushing through your session to just ‘get it done’. The team here set their phone alarm to go off with 15 riding time left to spare, so they can finish the exercise they have been working on and still have a chance to cool off their horse without worrying about being late to pick up the kids or get dinner on for the family. Having the right mind set when you ride your horse will help your horse relax and enable you both to have a good ridden session which is only ever going to enhance your relationship with your horse.

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