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We are thrilled to be supporting not one but two country PR blogger awards this year with the brilliant blogger portal Haynet. This continues to show the value which we as an agency place in the blogger community. Excellent relations are a two-way street, so what do we look for in our blogger relationships? Here’s our top 5:


We’re not talking immediate but if someone doesn’t check their emails or at worst doesn’t even reply to private messages sent through to the platforms they are happily promoting as ‘opportunities for brands’ is a big red light for us. We appreciate that some of the bigger audience bloggers will be inundated with messages, but those with the greatest influence are very often those who are the most responsive and organised. Maybe that’s the secret also to their commercial success.


An interested country PR/ brand will always look through your feed in detail (and also your social presence), so every post counts. Think about your objectives and the sort of brands you want to work with. What is your USP? We are always looking for key boxes to tick when searching for the right blogger associations with our brands so think about the kind of brands you want to work with and make sure your content reflects this with integrity and a clear love for the subject(s) you are writing about.


Now while audience numbers do figure in the equation, for us, it’s not all about the high audience numbers which resonate with a brand. We look for levels of engagement with your followers on your social channels, the conversations you are having and the general interaction and relationships you have with your followers. If you have thousands of active followers online, then yes we appreciate keeping up with every comment and mention isn’t going to be possible in real time but looking at how the blogger builds these relationships is going to be crucial in determining future brand associations.


We love working with country PR bloggers and so do our brands but what we don’t love a blogger with ego and attitude. Acting professionally and with each enquiry (however small) is key to building a good reputation and don’t ever think that brands don’t talk to each other and recommendations don’t happen because they do.  We work closely with our bloggers, and we look for bloggers that are easy and pleasant to work with, regardless of how many followers you have or how much traffic you get to your website.


Not all brands have huge marketing budgets, and not all brands have mountains of product to throw your way but they have may be able to offer something more in the way of a valuable association/promotion of your brand and lay the foundations for more lucrative opportunities ahead. All bloggers work in very different ways, and some even offer different scales of brand associations, so you need to be clear what your costs are, what you will deliver for that fee and ask for a clear brief from the brand on what they are expecting in return. Being clear from the outset is crucial for both blogger and brand.

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