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Pucker up with #nationallipstickday this month as we share a few of our favourite beauty hacks for hydrated, gorgeous lips so pucker-up and kiss goodbye sore chapped lips with our Beauty Team’s top tips.

Keep Moisturised

Keeping your lips moisturised will keep them in tip-top condition. Some lip balms don’t do a great job at moisturising your lips and create a sticky film that wipes off, taking with it the natural oils in your skin, leaving your lips feeling dry. Choose a lip balm that is packed full of natural emollients and antioxidants. There are many moisturising lipsticks on the market. One of our favourites is Generation G’s sheer matt lipstick, cruelty-free, vegan and available in six gorgeous matt shades.

Exfoliate Regularly

Dry, chapped lips can result from temperature changes, licking your lips frequently, spicy foods and some medications. Beauty hacks such as moisturising your lips and gently exfoliating your lips will help prevent them from becoming dry and flaky. Removing dead skin will allow your moisturising balm to penetrate the skin that needs it and ensure your lipstick sits perfectly on the lips. There are plenty of lip exfoliators on the market. However, one of our old school favs is the Body Shop’s Lip Scrub. This handy lipstick moisturises and exfoliates in one – genius!! For a DIY version, mix one tablespoon of honey with two teaspoons of sugar, apply with your finger, dabbing across the lips and massaging in. Leave on for around 10 minutes and gently wash off, and your lips should feel soft and prepped, ready for your lippy!

Keep Hydrated

Alongside moisturising your lips keep up your H2o intake. Drinking water helps replenish and plump the skin. Keeping hydrated may help stop you from licking your lips so often and thus prevent that cycle that leads to dry, chapped lips. 

Easy Beauty Hacks

Just like your eye area, the skin on your lips is delicate, and the reason why your lips are pink in colour is because the skin on your lips is much thinner than anywhere else on your face. Everyday pollutants and harsh make-up removers, cleansers and wearing masks can all take their toll on your lips. Super easy beauty hacks include being gentle when removing make-up and apply a quality lip balm daily. Choose lipsticks that hydrate the lips.

It’s A Fine Line

If your lipstick tends to bleed through the fine lines on the lip line (also known as smokers’ lines), don’t despair! Choosing a prep and prime make-up product before applying a lip liner, then your lipstick can help. However, for deeper lines, anti-wrinkle injections and lip filler carefully administered can significantly improve this age-related issue.

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