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The Equestrian PR team at MirrorMePR know how hard it is to juggle horses with work. Getting up and caring for the horses before work then riding in the evening can mean a lot of coffee in between so here are some of our top tips for surviving past 5pm!

Take advantage of the lighter mornings and try and ride early, rather than leaving it till after work. Getting delayed in a meeting or having a bad day doesn’t always bode for a great schooling session, so if you are riding in the evening,  opt for a hack instead of the school if you’re feeling tired or grumpy! A lovely evening hack spent with your best friend is bound to lift your mood and heavy heart!

One horse owner we know works long shifts at work so as the week progresses; they become more and more tired, so they do a lot of the ‘weekly chores’ on a Sunday. Preparing feeds in individual feed bowls with covers detailing each day of the week and storing in a rodent proof container helps save time during the week. They also fill as many hay nets up, again to save on valuable time during the week. When it comes to schooling, they incorporate their schooling through the early part of the week and hacking then lunging towards the end of their week. This way they don’t feel exhausted by the time Friday comes!

Planning your schooling sessions and with a programme to work to will not only help you be more motivated but help you to focus your time more effectively. Variety is also key, so you can both enjoy the time you have during the week effectively until you have the luxury of a full day off.

If you are struggling juggling your work, horse and family life, think about getting a sharer to help with your horse and also help financially towards the keep of your horse and equestrian PR. Make a list of what you ideally want from a sharer: Do you want them to hack out or school or both? What level of rider does your horse need? Are you happy for them to compete for your horse or not? How are you going to arrange your days for them to ride? Most sharers will want to ride at least one day on the weekend but that’s a day off for you too! You will have to have some flexibility but having an idea of what you are looking for will enable you to write a great advert and ultimately find the right person for you and your horse.