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Foal In A Field

If you thought a warmblood named Barry sounded funny, or a Shetland named Twinkle Toes raised a smile, then this blog is for you. The MirrorMePR Equine Team pick our favourite racehorse names and wonder if our horses’ competition names need a re-think!



This steed has gone all street with this name! RESPECT!!!

Just In Debt

Yep. Most horse owners will be able to relate to that one!

What’s Up Boys

Yes, us horsey girls know we rock in our riding gear.


Please, while we’re watching the Carl Hester Masterclass on DVD.




Horses hit the right spot (yes the one in the bottom of your empty purse)


The sound of hooves on the ground as we go for a blast is ‘The Sound Of Music’ for us equestrians.


We found this funny.

What A Nuisance

Having to go to work, but a ned’s got to eat (and have new rugs/saddle etc.)

Elegant Supermodel

The horse who will get out of bed for more than just a carrot.


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