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Equestrians eat a lot of junk food

There are certain things that you can ONLY appreciate if you are an equestrian. In this blog, the MirrorMePR Equestrian Team share their favourites.

  1. When you are driving in the car, spot an open field and think that would be a great place to have a gallop.
  2. Your dinner: Chocolate/crisps and a glass of wine. Your horse’s dinner: The finest blend of herbs and grain, complete with a variety of carefully selected supplements, apple and carrots and finished off with sweet hay.
  3. Your horse’s haircuts take precedence, and he also has better shoes than you.
  4. The fact you actually really love the smell of horses. A love sadly not generally shared by your fellow shoppers in Waitrose or your partner on your return home from the yard.
  5. You take pride in your horse’s bed. Beautiful banks and poo free. It’s fit for a King or Queen. Your bed and house, however, are a mess.
  6. Getting up at 5 am to head to the yard, muck out, feed and turn out then grooming, riding, feeding and skipping out is a pretty good equestrian workout. And don’t even mention the field poo picking and muck heap tidy up at the weekends.
  7. Diamonds might be a girls’ best friend, but a diamanté browband on your best friend is even better.
  8. Bathing your horse then bringing him in the following day, covered in mud and stable stains makes you sad.
  9. Owning a horse is an emotional rollercoaster; however, we wouldn’t want it any other way.

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