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Owning a horse for the first time is in itself a passage of discovery, so what can we reveal to anyone taking the plunge with their very first equine friend? Our Equine PR Team share 9 aspects of horse ownership that only horse owners will relate to!

  • Home washing machines were meant for girths, boots, summer sheets and bandages, right? Well, they seem the perfect size to us for these ‘smaller’ items from your horse’s wardrobe.


  • Putting him to bed at night is important to us, so don’t moan if the house is filthy, there is no food in the fridge and we forgot dinner…we’re too shattered to cook!


  • Investing considerable time in researching whether his feed has exactly the right nutrients and then stuffing ourselves with chocolate bars and a bag of chips on the way home.


  • Hair and make-up is really important. For the horse that is.


  • We buy new shoes at least every 6 weeks, but not for ourselves.


  • You can never have too many boots, bandages, saddlecloths, rugs…oh basically everything!


  • Matching your horse with your look is a big equestrian style trend. We don’t think that includes hay in our hair or the mud and grass stains over our legs from the yard dogs or horse slobber, whilst hand grazing.


  • Anything with the word premium can be found in our tack box – in our bathroom cabinets its ‘basic range’.


  • Watching videos of your horse and of you riding your horse on loop is highly interesting to us. It’s not so exciting to non-horsey folk.


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