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Here at MirrorMePR, we know quite a bit about fashion-savvy dogs; so when it comes to dogs and their owners, what tips do we have up our stylish sleeves…

1) The ‘Mini-Me’ Craze which we saw last year with celebrities dressing their kids in copy cat outfits is well – so last year! Anyway, what if your dog looks better than you in the outfit?!

2) Compliment your dog’s wardrobe with your own. Think ‘Legally Blonde’. If you don’t wear pink and frills then don’t make your dog wear them!

3) Match your fashion with your function. Is the garment practical and stylish? After all, however good that dog coat or jumper looked on the peg, if you had to wear a scratchy, nylon, stretch top on your bare skin, would you be happy about that?

4) Just like us humans, we have clothes we wear to the park and clothes we wear to premiers; so don’t expect your dog to understand the difference between high street and designer luxe when it comes to rolling in fox poo on a walk.

5) Make sure your dog’s collar/clothing and accessories fit him or her properly. You might not mind rolling up a sleeve or undo-ing a button on your own clothes, but when you pooch is busy chasing squirrels or scrambling through undergrowth out in the woods, you don’t your canine friend to get caught up/tripping or injuring his or herself!

6) Fashion is about wearing garments with confidence, so if your dog is shy and doesn’t like being the centre of attention, that rhinestone studded jacket might not be the best choice of coat for him. A classic country tweed or plaid coat would be a better choice.

7) Just like us humans, not every colour we try suits us. Dogs are the same, so experiment different alternatives to find out what compliments your dog’s colouring and coat.

8) Investing a nice quality, soft fabric or leather collar will make a huge difference to your dog’s comfort, especially as he or she will probably be wearing most of the time, it’s key!

9) Don’t make your dog wear a statement T-shirt with a cheeky logo unless you would wear one, or at least ask him if he’s OK with wearing it!

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