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Building a luxury beauty brand takes expertise. Our knowledgable Beauty PR Team share 8 tips for supercharging your beauty business or new beauty product launch.


Be Authentic

Consumers are savvy. Some consumers will do extensive research before swapping from their coveted brands to a new brand, so it’s essential to be honest and remain authentic across every aspect of your business. For example, if you are a vegan beauty brand, ensure that every aspect of your business is in keeping with those principles. Consumers are looking for trust in any brand they buy into, so ensure you become a trustworthy beauty brand within their bathroom cabinet.


Know Your Target Customer

You need to know who your core customer is and who your target beauty customers are. Knowing who you who need to ‘sell to’ defines and moulds your brand. Your brand and customer demographic will evolve, so it’s important to monitor beauty trends, keep an eye on sales and customer feedback to ensure your beauty products stay desirable.


Define Your Tone Of Voice

Your beauty brand’s tone of voice is key to defining who you are and who you want to be. Every brand or collection has its own ‘tone of voice’, this might be personable, friendly, down-to-earth, knowledgeable, caring etc. Building a luxury beauty brand requires consistency to build trust and this includes your dialogue in print, digital and across social media.


Be Consistent

Remaining consistent across your brand messaging, website, PR & Marketing is essential for brand trust. Your Social Media Marketing should be an extension of your brand. While each social media platform might have a slightly different approach (given the audience found on each), you still need to find a level playing field of consistency. Present your brand as premium across all aspects of your business.


Be Ethical & Responsible

The 21st Century beauty consumer is looking for responsible and ethical brands. Regardless of whether your luxury beauty brand is looking to attract Gen X, Y or Z, being authentic in your ethics and being environmentally responsible are two characteristics that your beauty business needs.  


Create A Lifestyle 

You need to know what your consumer loves and what their pet hates are to target effectively through promotion. Choosing the correct language, the right imagery is imperative, whether in print, advertising or across your social media channels. 


Ensure You Have Outstanding Customer Care

Excellent customer care should be at the heart of your business model. Without outstanding customer care, your luxury beauty brand could be the most revolutionary beauty product ever to be seen, but if your customer service is an afterthought, your business model is deeply flawed. In a world where reviews are everything, you need to ensure that your beauty company reviews are outstanding.


Appoint A PR

What is beauty PR? From Award-winning beauty through to health and wellness brands, our Beauty PR experience and expertise are unique to the beauty sector. From aligning your beauty brand with the right influencers, through to presenting your products to the Beauty Editors and managing your social media and blog content, our Beauty PR Team can take a 360 approach to your beauty brand.

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