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Search Engine Optimisation is one of the most important aspects of online marketing. In this article, we’ll share seven easy SEO tips on optimising your website for better rankings.


Target Keywords

Your keyword research should be at the heart of your SEO. Even as a beginner with some research and careful content creation, you can quickly start to build your ranking. Look for keywords and secondary keywords that support your central theme.


Review Your Competitors

We review our client’s competitors’ websites regularly to check keyword trends and monitor any organic keyword changes on their websites. By monitoring your competitor’s keywords, you can look to increase your ranking for that term or keyword and spot any trends that could be beneficial to your business.


Create Valuable Website Content

Create valuable website content to support your SEO goals. Your website content is your opportunity to secure great SEO opportunities. Create original website content that is well written, including your blog content. Your website blog content is so important, and as certified copywriters and qualified journalists, our clients trust us to help their websites thrive!


Don’t Forget Your URLs

Your URLs should be short and snappy, so keep them short and sweet when creating content on your website. Incorporate your keywords into your URLs and ensure the topic is clear from reading the URL.


Build Backlinks

One of our top SEO tips for beginners is to build backlinks. Links from high-quality domains will improve your SEO over time but don’t get sucked into thinking you can cheat. Buying backlinks could result in Google viewing your site as spam and devaluing your ranking. We are the experts in digital PR. PR can help improve your backlinks and SEO


Page Speed SEO Tip

Your page speed can radically impact your SEO ranking. Google page speed insights is a free SEO tool showing you desktop and mobile page speed. 


Internal & External Links For SEO Wins

Internal and external links in your website content are essential. Your internal links help search engines crawl your site, and for visitors, it encourages them to hang around on your site for longer. Linking externally to good quality, high-authority sites will positively affect your SEO efforts.

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