6 Tips For Keeping Your Horse Cool In Summer | Equine Luxury PR
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Whether you’re riding in the sunshine at home or planning a busy summer competing with your horse, these are the Equine luxury PR team’s top 6 tips for keeping your horse cool and hydrated this summer.

  1. If you’re riding at home, make sure you ride early in the morning or later in the evening when temperatures are slightly cooler. You’ll both get more out of a schooling session if you are not battling the heat.
  2. The same principle applies to transporting your horse. Try not to travel during the hottest moments of the day and ensure your trailer or lorry has a good ventilation system.
  3. When you’re at shows, try and park your lorry in a shady area, and if there isn’t one, then keep your horse inside the lorry with the ramp down, so he has access to some shade without being directly in the sunlight.
  4. When you’re competing, offer your horse little bits of water and offer it often. Always bring plenty of water from home, as some horses won’t touch water that doesn’t taste familiar to them.
  5. Don’t forget to include salt and electrolytes to help your horse efficiently rehydrate while salt ensures he receives sufficient sodium chloride. Both of these are important things to consider.
  6. As Equine luxury PR experts, we know that it is of paramount importance that horses can drink ad libitum. Drinking water means that water gets inside, but how long your horse stays hydrated for is influenced in part by the presence of electrolytes. This is one of the reasons why micronutrient loaded horses love our client Aloeride, a naturally organic aloe vera supplement.

As a company specialising in Equine luxury PR, MirrorMe knowhow vital it is to ensure your horse is healthy and happy, especially when the hotter weather rolls in. Hydration is key, so ensure that both you and your horse are getting everything you need as often as you need it. If you learned something from reading this, you might want to check out this blog on why your back health is just as important as your horse’s.