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With the wind howling and a roaring fire, settle down with our pick of the best winter wines, as our Luxury Lifestyle Team shares 5 of their favourite tipples to enjoy with good food or company.



Mellow Merlot is a favourite of ours and easy to pair with a broad spectrum of dishes or a standalone joy by itself. It’s soft finish, and wide range of choice, makes this a winter treat we all enjoy during the winter months. We love Dark Horse Merlot 2017 for a delicious Californian red with an attractive price point. A brilliant ‘budget’ best winter wine without compromise on taste.



Another smooth contender for our best winter wines and taste buds! Malbec is what winter months are made for! We love the fruity flavours enveloped with hints of chocolate. Our favourite tipple is the Catena Alta Malbec 2016/17 Mendoza. A delicious Argentinian wine with full body and an excellent reputation. Malbac is best served always a bit lower than room temp: between 59 – 64 degrees. If you don’t own a wine fridge, just pop your bottle in your fridge (which is usually set to around 35 degrees) and leave it there for about 30 minutes before serving.


Sparkling Wine

Because every now and again, we love bubbles. If you’re looking for an organic and British wine this winter, take a look at the Limney estate Organic Sparkling Wine from their Kent vineyard. This established vineyard is an experienced grower of organic grapes, and their collection showcases the best of English Sparkling Wines. Celebrate with Limney Estate Sparkling Auxerrois Wine, Organic, Davenport Vineyard, 2014 (75cl) . Perfect served with seafood or just a toast.



Less oak than your standard Chardonnay, a glass of Chablis is an elegant addition to your wine rack (or cellar). We adore Albert Bichot Chablis, Premier Cru Fourchaume for its delightfully fresh notes and vegan qualities. A winter wine you can get cosy with all year around.



Looking for all the taste without the alcohol, high on our list of best winter wines is Torres Natureo De-Alcoholised Muscat, 0.5%. Made by Spanish wine producer Torres, this delightful addition has a medium-sweet grape taste that is perfect when served chilled. All the flavour, none of the alcohol.


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