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With uncertain times ahead, our Award-Winning PR & Social Media Marketing Team share their top 5 tips for staying sane and proactive during the Coronavirus crisis.


Don’t Panic. Sounds simple and we know it’s not easy when all around you is chaos. Now is the time that you need to think logically and calmly about actionable steps you can take to help your business through this challenging time both immediately and in a worst-case scenario. We have action plans in place for our clients, so ensure you do,  to the best of your ability.

Be Flexible. Are there other ways that you can ‘sell’ your services or products? Virtual shopping experiences, personal shopping, promote gift cards, add online incentives?

Draw From Personal Experience. While most of us will never have experienced a situation like this in our lifetime, think about the challenges you face as a consumer? How might you be able to ‘solve’ these within your business? If it’s actionable, then do it and promote it!

Think Creatively. Think of ways that you can attract customers and engage with them better. Your social media channels offer an excellent opportunity for you to promote your business, your expertise and your USP’s.

Supercharge Your Marketing Presence. More than ever your brand presence needs to be seen, and with more eyeballs on social media, online and reading print, you need to be at the forefront of your customers’ focus. Having a professional, experienced PR & Marketing Team by your side, enables you to propel your business forward, through the bad and good times.

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