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Keeping your dog safe, sound and happy around bonfire night is always difficult and can cause unnecessary stress for our pooches. Unfortunately as pet owners know, firework night is not exclusively related to November 5th in the UK, but can extend across a whole week and weekend! Our Canine PR Team have put together a few of their favourite tips and advice from the experts to help you prepare for Guy Fawkes Night.

1) In the lead up to Firework Night, try playing firework noises to your dog whilst they are doing something they enjoy. Whether it’s playing a game with your dog or feeding him treats. Start off with the volume very low and then slowly and gradually increase the volume. The idea is that your dog will start to associate the noise as something nice instead of being frightened. However, remember that panting and trembling are also signs of stress and if your dog becomes anxious, turn the volume back down to a level he is comfortable with.

2) If your dog is used to a noisy home, turning up the volume on the TV or the radio may be able to shield the jolting bangs of fireworks. Furthermore, by closing the curtains, the flashing lights are less startling.

3) Try and feed your dog well before the fireworks start. The noise is likely to cause anxiety, which can put dogs off eating and can lead to tummy troubles.

4) Make sure to keep all main doors locked and any other access points well secured to avoid an escape! Additionally, if your dog has a preferred ‘safe place’ in the home, make sure it is fully accessible and try to refrain from tempting them out, as this can cause more stress.

5) If your pet is seriously loud sound phobic, it may be worth speaking to your vet or an animal behaviourist as they will be able to offer invaluable advice and even suggest looking at giving your pet a calmer to help them.

We hope these tips are helpful, and enable your pooch to feel a bit more settled this bonfire night. For more great doggy advice, check out our blog on 6 Tips For Enjoying The Winter Months With Your Dog.