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Leather riding boots are a significant investment for riders. Choosing the right pair will mean you’ll have years of wear ahead. The Equestrian PR Team share their advice and tips for selecting the best leather riding boots.


1.Fancy Or Functional

Whether it’s moc croc, crystal-encrusted or lace-up, think carefully on your choice of riding boots. Specialist equestrian boots require extra care and careful cleaning to maintain their good looks. Rhinestone encrusted might look fabulous in the dressage arena but for everyday riding in the rain and mud, will they hold up? A pair of well-made classic leather riding boots will stand the test of time through fickle fashion trends.


2.Classic Or Contemporary

With so many riding boot brands around, it can be challenging to choose a brand or even know where to start to look. Recommendations are a good starting point. Take a good look at the company’s credentials, their verified customer reviews and pick up the phone and ask some questions;


  • How does the bespoke process work, step by step?
  • What is the deposit paid in advance?
  • Do I have any warranty on the boots and what does it cover?
  • What if the boots don’t fit when they arrive, or there is a problem with them?


3.Rules Are Rules

Check the rule book for your chosen discipline before splashing out hundreds of pounds of a pair of ‘blingtastic’ boots. Some organisations will not share your love of contemporary riding boots and wearing them could mean you are marked down or even eliminated.


4.Made To Measure Or Off The Peg

Most of the fantastic designs you’ll see will only be available in made-to-measure or made to order options. However, some companies are starting to pave the way with off-the-peg, more affordable versions for riders on a budget.


5. Bespoke Is Bespoke

Make sure that the design you choose is one that you will love for the lifetime of your boots because unless you are a ‘standard foot size, height and calf width, you may struggle to find a buyer on the second-hand market. You are unlikely to get the real value of the boots back if you re-sell them, so choose your boot design wisely.


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