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As horse riders and owners, the Equine PR Team at MirrorMePR share their top favourite things that they love about the Autumn…

  1.    No more flies. Yes, no more midges or flies to annoy your horse and no more smelling of Eau de equine (fly spray).
  2.    The ‘Rider tan’ was never a good look anyway.
  3.    Cooler weather in autumn means less sweaty schooling sessions for the both of you.
  4.    Long hacks in the beautiful warm autumnal sunshine, taking in the rich colours.
  5.    New season clothing collections (for you AND your horse of course).


Reasons Why We Hate Autumn….

  1.    Your horse gets more haircuts than you do. #juststeppedoutofthestable
  2.    Being woken up by the alarm to head to the yard and hearing the gale force winds and rain.
  3.    It’s only a matter of months before we know we will have frozen fingers and toes.
  4.    Hacks at high speed due to autumn chill in the air and scary monsters in the hedgerow. Feeling ‘on your toes’ is OK but on the hind-legs? No-thank-you.
  5.    How is it possible to get THAT muddy with a rug and neck cover on?

Have we missed out any points? Is there a reason to love or hate Autumn that is absolutely crucial to include? If so, with the MirrorMe Equine PR team or connect with us on social media (below) – we’d love to hear from you!

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