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As horse riders and owners, the Equine PR team share their top 5 favourite things that they LOVE about the winter season…


  1. Digging out our favourite winter warmers for both the horses and us!


  1. Tucking our horses up in bed in a nice dry, cosy stable for the night.


  1. Clear sunny days for lunchtime winter hacks and schooling.


  1. Making the best of bad weather by taking all your tack apart and cleaning it thoroughly with a steaming hot cuppa.


  1. An excuse to hit the pub to warm up after a chilly morning spent at the yard.




  1. Taking an extra 10 minutes to get dressed again after going to the loo at the yard. Is there a world record for the most layers that can be physically worn in the saddle? If not, we need to start to submit our entries.


  1. Attempting to navigate a safe passage across the frozen rutted fields.


  1. When the label said waterproof, it didn’t mean torrential rainproof.


  1. Wet derrieres from horizontal rainfall following you all the way home.


  1. More time in the stable instead of the field = more fun and games under saddle (for him, not you).



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