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Our Luxury Lifestyle PR Team share their top three tips for creating a more luxurious home environment.


Colour Me Beautifully


Colour can have such a significant impact on mood, especially in the home. Choosing colours for the home can transform a space from boring to beautiful in one lick of paint. Choose a colour for your home which reflects luxury. Luxurious colours include grey. Grey is a fabulous colour as a neutral base on which to play with colourful accessories and details in the home. Choose from a cool grey palette or warm grey with pink blush tones. 


Rich, opulent colours such as indigo blue, jade and royal purple are stunning colours for a period property or large room. If you are looking to add impact and colour to a small room, choose to add colour on a single ‘feature’ wall. Highlights of tangerine, fuchsia and yellow can add a luxurious feel to a room filled with one neutral colour.


Add Statement Pieces

Adding statement pieces to your home can elevate a space to offer a more luxurious feel. Cherry-picking a beautiful lamp, a gorgeous vase or a one-off piece of furniture creates a centrepiece for your room. Luxurious statement pieces don’t have to be expensive. You can shop vintage or pre-loved and set the right environment, they can look a million dollars! Choose pieces that reflect your personality and add a unique touch to your living space. 


Go Tactical

Finally, making your home feel more luxurious is easy with tactile fabrics. Choosing a big rug to fill a wooden or stone floor space instantly makes a room feel homelier. A cashmere wool blanket draped over the arm of your sofa offers an extra layer during those colder months of the year.  


Silk, wool and faux fur cushions are delightful additions for your sofa.  Create a tactile experience with textiles which will add warmth and interest to your room.  Big leafy plants in oversized pots create a botanical feeling of luxe. Tropical plants are irresistible to guests, who will be drawn to touch them. Position your greenery in groups of three with plants of varying sizes. 

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