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Our Beauty PR Team takes a look at three of the best beauty treatments to give your skin some TLC as we head into the long winter months.


Self – Care Solutions


Looking after your mind, body and soul and establishing healthy habits is a self-care routine which will also benefit your skin. Getting daily exercise, making time for yourself, getting a good night’s sleep and eating well are the best beauty treatments. Exercise, restful sleep and a healthy diet will help to boost your immune system and give your skin a lovely healthy glow! 


According to research, just 15 minutes of exercise a day can boost your life expectancy by three years! Not to mention giving you more energy and vitality! Exercise also gets your heart rate up and improves blood circulation. It can help to deliver oxygen and nutrients to the skin, which keeps the skin healthy, helps to promote collagen production and new skin cells which will keep your skin glowing. 


Reviewing your diet over winter is also essential. The temptation to ditch the greens in place of stodgy carbs washed down with wine isn’t going to do your skin or health any favours. Include lots of leafy greens, drink plenty of water and if your diet is lacking, then take a look at supplementing with vitamins. 


Stress can also impact your skin. Taking a run in the park or a yoga session at home can de-stress you and be good for your health and mental wellbeing. Exercise is a fabulous beauty treatment for winter skin.


Our favourite skin formula is our client’s, Vegan Collagen. Jam-packed full of superfoods and created with science. This matrix of plant power which offers a tasty daily supplement is our skin saviour for all year round beauty and wellness that comes from within.


Adapt Your Beauty Routine


Summer and winter bring different challenges to your skin, so adapt your beauty routine and treatments to suit. As our Award-Winning Aesthetics Client, Amish Patel explains:


“It’s not only the combination of warm, dry environments and freezing temperatures that can play havoc with your skin; it’s also important to remember that you still need to protect your skin from damaging UV rays during the winter months.”


Protecting your skin from damaging UV rays is an absolute must, and upgrading to a richer moisturiser could also benefit your skin from the drying effects of cold to hot environments. Another popular beauty treatment which Intrigue’s clients love for giving winter skin a little TLC is the iS Clinical Facial; 


“The Fire & Ice Facial soothes, nourishes and hydrates the skin, removing only loose skin cells and ideal for mild resurfacing and treating fine lines.” Explains Amish.


Peel Back Time


Following summer, you might have spotted dark spots or uneven skin tones on your face. These darker, irregular tones are sun damage, otherwise known as pigmentation. Over the winter months. you can invest some time in getting your even skin tone back and refreshing your skin. 


Whether it’s a chemical face peel with a facial expert or over the counter facial peels and masks that you can use at home, make sure you protect your skin at all times in daylight with a quality sunblock. Skin peeling treatments and products will make your skin more sensitive to UV rays making sun protection during and after treatment essential.

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