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We love the city and adore the countryside, but for our Country Brand PR & Marketing Team, their passion for rural life is evident as they share 11 key benefits of living in the countryside.


  1. Grabbing a breath of fresh air is easy. OK, so you might inhale a few more of the less than fragrant smells of the countryside but overall, taking deep breaths in the fresh air will have you feeling better than ever before.


  1. You can hear birdsong all day long. Yes, it can sometimes drive you mad when you wake up at dawn and can’t get back to sleep because of the noise but its nature’s orchestra which we love to listen to.


  1. You can see the stars at night. On a clear night, without street lights, you can marvel at the stars at night. Oh, and camping under them is even better.


  1.  You can slow down your pace of life. In the countryside, everyone takes life a little slower. Whether you’re taking a walk or driving through country lanes, life is in the slow lane (literally).


  1. You have a community. Unlike the city where people tend to move around a lot more, people tend to stay put in the countryside and so communities are made and friendships which can often last a lifetime.


  1. You eat in more than you eat out. Dining out in the countryside takes some serious planning; who is going to drive this time or meticulous planning of the taxi timing before and during dinner to ensure you don’t have a 45-minute wait time for your cab post desert and coffee.


  1. You don’t go for as many weekends awayWell, you’re living in your very own bit of paradise so why bother? The REAL reason? Who is going to look after and feed the menagerie of animals you have collected since you moved to the countryside (4 dogs, the 8 chickens, the small rescue pony… and counting).


  1. You eat off the land. Not literally, but remember those herb pots that sat looking miserable on your urban flat’s window sill because you kept forgetting to water them? Now you have a small holding that allows you to grow seasonal veg and fruit to your heart’s desire and you look after it all like a ‘Gardner’s World’ Pro.


  1. You save fortunes on gym memberships. Living in the countryside, you’re bound to live a more active lifestyle. Walking to and from the local pub is easier than a taxi, and now you have four dogs and a bicycle, you’ve never looked and felt so good. And as for the small holding…


  1.  You know how to survive. Power cuts, severe weather conditions and extreme cold. When you live in the countryside, you laugh in the face of difficulty. Where city dwellers panic, you prevail.


  1. You can make loads of noise (if you want to). Living in a really rural area, where your nearest neighbour is 5 miles down the road, has its advantages, including being able to play your music really loudly. Even really uncool music.


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