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Need some quick tips for getting through winter with some warmth in your life? No, we are not offering an extended break in the Bahamas but 10 top hacks for equestrians on how to keep winter warm. You’re welcome!

  1. Invest in ski-silk glove liners to wear underneath riding gloves and big thick winter gloves for yard duties or teaching.
  1. Always wear a hat – you lose a great deal of body heat through your head so wearing a woolly hat after riding will help keep you warm.
  1. Technical, thin thermals and base layering are the key to keeping warm without the bulk. Choose ones will wick away moisture, so you don’t catch a chill after exercise.
  1. A water bottle stuffed up under your fleece or coat is a great mobile heater for teaching!
  1. Just as rug technology has moved on over time, so has riding clothing. Check for warmth as opposed to just feeling the weight. Heavy, cumbersome coats or jackets don’t always indicate great warmth – check the fabric technology!
  1. Pocket hand warmers are a warming treat for time spent in the elements and the reusable ones can be reactivated by simply immersing into boiling water.
  1. Keep your hot fluids up throughout the day and use a thermos flask to keep your coffee hot on the go.
  1. Don’t skip lunch. Healthy, hearty foods such as soup and stews are great for warming you up. Try to include carbohydrates in your dishes too. Porridge and soup are great winter-warmers and yard duty fuel!
  1. Keep on the move. When you are active, you increase your blood flow and will automatically feel warmer, so clearing out your tack trunk or giving your tack an extra thorough clean has more benefits than you thought!
  1. Avoid tight footwear, as this will restrict your circulation. Layering socks up is fine, but ensure that there is room to move your toes!