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A dog peers at a desk

With several office dogs between us, the team here at MirrorMePR know that owning a dog – in addition to giving you immense joy – offers you a unique perspective on life. Based on our own experiences, we’d say that the following are 10 Things Only Dog Owners Know to be True!

  1. You would rather curl cramped up in a corner of the bed than wake the adorably snoozing dog up so that you can stretch out as normal.
  2. Even if you are staying away without your dog, you still wake up thinking “I need to let the dog out!”
  3. There is no difference between “pet food” and “your food” anymore; there is only “the dog’s food”, whether you’re actively willing to share or not!
  4. Personal space is a thing of the past.
  5. You will never really need an alarm clock.
  6. Dog hair is a key part of your Spring and Autumn wardrobe.
  7. You will never have clean windows anywhere on dog level… but nose smears are de rigueur, no?
  8. In every jacket, there is always a pocket with a poo bag. Every jacket.
  9. If people love you, they must love your dog. Those are the rules for relationships.
  10. You had a no sofa rule? What no sofa rule?

a dog sneakily eats its owners ice cream