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A horse looks through a fence at some flowers


There are a few things that everyone who owns a horse can immediately identify with, and laugh about! Since the team here at MirrorMePR all love our horses, we compiled our list of the top 10 Things Only a Horse Rider Knows to be True! Enjoy (and see if you recognise them too!)…

  1. Everyone who owns a horse is skint. Fact.
  2. The contents of your car could probably be used to set up an entire equestrian boot fair.
  3. Also, your packed to the rafters car boot is a place where no one dares to venture, for fear of disturbing its contents.
  4. Washing your horse’s rugs, boots, bandages & anything else related to your horse takes priority over your own general laundry – you can re-wear a top, but your horse needs their gear as soon as possible!
  5. You scrutinise feed ingredients & spend hours researching supplements for your precious horse. Then you stop at the petrol station on the way home for a microwave meal for yourself.
  6. Your regular shoe habit isn’t really about Jimmy Choo… it’s all about boots!
  7. Your horse has the best rugs, whilst you are still walking around looking like a mess
  8. Giving your horse a bath is entirely pointless.
  9. When you see a flappy plastic bag twisting in the breeze while you’re out riding, you think “Game Over”!
  10. Turning up for work with hay in your hair is standard.