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Our Beauty Marketing Team shares 10 simple health and wellness tips that will add quality, purpose and vitality to your life.


Take Time Out

Take time out away from your desk and devices and go for a walk/do a mini-workout. Or simply sit back, close your eyes and listen to some of your favourite music with some great breathing exercises. Work hard but remember to take the time back for a full lunch hour or a full day off in lieu. Health and wellness tips like these should be your priority.


Do A Health Detox Every Now & Again

If you can’t completely cut out the naughty foods and the wine, then try detoxing every now and again. For example, a week or two without sugar and alcohol might not be easy if you have got used to having a few chocolate biscuits with your morning coffee or a small tipple every evening. But think about how you feel – are you sleeping better, do you have more energy, feel more upbeat without it in your diet? The benefits of these health and wellness tips might make you more committed to a lifestyle change for the better!


Exercise Regularly

Even taking a short brisk walk daily or taking time to incorporate some daily stretches is going to have a positive impact on your health and wellness. Exercising regularly, however small, is only ever going to bring positive health and wellness benefits to you, both physically and mentally. Top tips? Find a type of exercise that you enjoy, and you’ll be more likely to stick to it.


Wellness For The Soul

Plan something fun. Having something enjoyable to look forward to will keep you motivated and focusing on the future, whether it’s a long and overdue holiday, a night out with friends or a weekend away is wellness for the soul. We all need to keep a positive mental attitude during this pandemic, so look towards a brighter future with fun plans.


Get An Early Night

It might sound boring, but getting an early night at least once or twice a week will give your body and mind the rest it really needs. Your mental health and body needs time to relax. Switch off the TV and all your devices and settle down with a good book. 


Have A Lie In

Have a lie-in at the weekend. If your body is tired, sleep. Having a lay-in might feel lazy, but if you are taking everything out of your body with long working hours and worry, then your body and mind need to take a break.


Keep Connected Tips

Keep connected with friends and family. Even if you can’t see them physically, catch up on the phone or via video calls. Keeping that connection with friends and people close to you is more important than ever. 


Take Up A New Interest

Take up a new interest or hobby. It might be something completely random or something you’ve always secretly wanted to try but never had the time or the confidence. Now has never been a better time to do something for you, your health and ultimately, your mental wellness!


Finish Work On Time

Finish work at least once a week on time and switch off from your messages and emails. Our health and wellness tips have to include this advice because in the UK we work long hours! It’s easier than ever to let work blur into home life. So make sure you switch off and take an evening off for you and those that you live with. You’ll feel better and more rejuvenated when you return to work the next morning. And the emails will still be there!


Switch Off Social 

Being glued to your phone or laptop scrolling through your social media feeds isn’t good for your soul. Switch off and spend time in the real world. Do something productive around the house. Our tips? Clear out those cupboards, or spend some quality time with the family (yes, they all need to come off their devices too) and do something fun together. Reconnecting with the real world is essential for all of us are vital health and wellness tips.


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