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Look forward to the changing season with this selection of 10 horse autumn pictures to excite and delight you as picked by our Equestrian PR Team. With their beautiful rich golden tones and atmospheric setting, you can’t help but feel inspired!



Galloping home for dinner. As the sun starts to set, the golden hour enhances beautiful horses and gleaming shiny coats.


A beautiful bay horse in a super-smart pristine leather headcollar against a backdrop of golden autumn foliage is just divine! We want to try this set-up with our horses!!!


Just look at that rich autumnal coloured backdrop and this stunning bright bay horse! With plenty of grass to munch and still some warm autumn sun on her back, this horse looks happy to be there!


We’re marvelling at how white and clean this grey horse looks just as much as this stunning golden maple tree foliage that finishes off this horse portrait photo perfectly! The dappled light coming through the tree is just epic!



A dappled grey young horse enjoying time in his field on a warm autumnal day – horse autumn pictures don’t get much better than this! We love the orange hues behind this gorgeous young horse who looks intelligent and noble. We wonder what he is looking at?


Ahh, misty autumn morning hacks, off-road and exploring the magic of the countryside with friends. We love this image because it reminds us of the beauty of autumn riding, no flies, heat or hard ground!


Trotting into autumn like … this lovely chap is bossing it like no other! The grace, movement and presence of this Friesian horse have left us in awe. Photographed in front of an autumnal backdrop, it’s one of our favourite horse autumn pictures!


We love how the light literally bathes this beautiful Thoroughbred horse! The colour of the trees behind him and on the ground are magical and transport us to those beautiful warm sunny autumnal days.


Heading out for the day! Early morning mists rolling out and rug free days as the sun rises on a beautiful autumn day. Plans for the day? Hanging out with good friends.


Let’s talk about ‘matchy matchy’! This picture sums this up perfectly with his golden flaxen mane and rich chestnut coat which work so well with the illuminating yellow leaves behind. Another magical image to add to our favourite autumn horse pictures.  

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